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Day One: Event start 12:30pm UK BST
Day Two: Event start 12:00pm UK BST
Welcome from Smithers
Outlook and key drivers in the carbon fibre market
How the carbon fiber market is doing in COVID times
  • Carbon fiber market 2015-2019 (pre-COVID)
  • Carbon fiber market 2020-2021 (immediate COVID impact)
  • Carbon fiber market 2022-2026 (recovering from COVID)
  • Demand vs capacity analysis (surplus or shortage?)

Dan Pichler | CEO, CarbConsult
Can Carbon Fiber Continue to Deliver?
  • Wind industry forecast and its increasing carbon fiber demand
  • Electric vehicle forecast and auto lightweighting strategy
  • Hydrogen economy and opportunities for carbon fibers
  • Carbon fiber recycling boom to lower cost and pitch sustainability

Leiliang Zheng | Associate, BloombergNEF
Carbon Fibre Pressure Vessels for Hydrogen in Fuel Cells – a real opportunity or an elusive dream?
  • Reasons for using hydrogen fuel cells in transportation; plans and progress so far
  • Arguments against the use of hydrogen fuel cells in transportation
  • Today’s status at the big transportation OEMs
  • Current fuel cell transportation development initiatives and future scenarios
  • Resulting impact on carbon fibre demand for hydrogen pressure vessels

Andrew Mafeld | Managing Director, Connectra
Panel session: Low cost carbon fibre – can it be achieved?
Tim McCarthy, Commercial Officer, LeMond Carbon Inc.
Hanno Pfitzer, Technology CFK, BMW Group

Dr Balazs Zsigmond, General Director, DeveloComp
Yuri Svistunov, Deputy CEO & CTO, UMATEX
Yin Weitao, Deputy General Manager of Carbon Fibre Department, Hengshen Co.Ltd.

Networking Break
New technologies, developments and manufacturing
A Development of the Carbon Fibre recovery technology by recycling of CFRP
  • New pyrolysis recycling method for CFRP
  • Energy saving,
  • LCA of CFRP

Young Ho Choi | Senior Research Engineer, Hyundai Motor Company
Challenges and a Path Forward for Large Scale Pitch Based Carbon Fiber Manufacturing
  • Increasing world capacity of carbon fiber not enough – need to lower $/kg
  • Large (massive) scale production is needed in order to meet demand and lower cost
  • In order to have good carbon fiber you need good pitch precursor
  • Spun pitch precursor is non-textile → non self-supporting so equipment fundamentally different than PAN tow format
  • Early recognition of the composite part processes and derive the carbon fiber form and mechanical properties from these downstream composite applications
  • Research and Development – “Sanity Check” – Specialized, Expensive, Complex
  • Generational cycles 2 years or more ← it takes time to develop your process and make continuous improvements

Renee Bagwell | Senior Process Technology Engineer, Harper International
More speed in Pultrusion
  • Future composite technologies
  • Pultrusion with injection box
  • Innovation and productivity

Aleksandar Georgiev | Expert Sales Manager, KraussMaffei Technologies GmbH
Recent development of carbon fibers for industrial applications
  • Great expectations for lightweight materials
  • What is missing for current carbon fibers?
  • New possibilities with new carbon fibers

Haruki Okuda | Research Associate, Composite Materials Research Laboratories (CMRL), , Toray Industries, Inc
Composite battery housing based on (CF-)SMC/Prepreg technology
•             Sustainable lightweight traction battery systems
•             Composite battery housing (CF-)SMC/Prepreg technology
•             Technology approach, concept & manufacturing process
Dr.-Ing. Timo Huber | Vice President, Advanced Composite Technology Center ACTC / HRC Group
What does the green revolution mean for carbon fibre?
From recycled carbon to the end user. Different solutions as intermediate products
  • RCF history of a development project for important OEM
  • Introduction of project
  • RCF intermediate products, an alternative in automotive productions
  • RCF usage examples
  • Conclusions
Paolo Grati, Managing Director, GP Marketing Consulting S.a.s. 
Luca Grati | Director, GP Marketing Consulting S.a.s
The Automobili Lamborghini strategy for environmental sustainability: carbon fiber recycling
  • Environmental Sustainability  
  • CFRP technologies
  • CFRP Sustainability process
  • Conclusions

Attilio Masini, Head of the Composites Manufacturing Engineering Division, Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A 
Roberto Cicalò | Project Manager, External Consultant for Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A.
Biobased carbon fibre with graphene oxide for kinetic energy storage
  • Blending of graphene oxide into biobased carbon fibre precursors
  • Effect of graphene oxide on precursor spinnability and carbonisation
  • Possible future applicability in kinetic energy storage

Meri Lundahl | Chief Sustainability Officer, Teraloop
Materials for a CO2-free Future
New innovations and materials updates
Carbitex AFX and DFX (Asymmetrical Bendable and Deflection Based Stiffness Change composites)
  • Introduction
  • Technology explained
  • Applications
  • Unique challenges in manufacturing
  • How to bring it to market
  • Closing

Junus Khan | Founder & Executive Chairman , Carbitex
Networking Break
Bioderived and sustainable carbon fibre for automotive, aerospace and wind energy applications
  • Lignin derived CF with beyond the state of the art mechanical performance
  • Scale up of CF production from lignin
  • Energy, cost and carbon emission reductions

Maurice N. Collins | Senior Lecturer, University of Limerick
Carbon Fibers in Thermoplastic Composites - Material Development, Processing and Uses
  • Material development for the combination of carbon fibres (CF) in a thermoplastic matrix system (polypropylene) as unidirectional (UD) tapes
  • Introduction of processing possibilities with thermoplastic composites with regards to use cases for CF and hybrid solutions
  • Simulation approach for composite delamination prediction using UD tapes with CF and injection moulding

Dr Christos Karatzias | Business Development Manager, Mitsui Chemicals Europe GmbH
The Material Edge®: Introduction to Toray CFRT® composites, high-volume production capabilities, and designing with CFRT®
  • Common uses of composites and the benefits to consumers
  • What is Toray CFRT® and how does it compare to other material types
  • Designing with Toray CFRT® thermoplastic composites
  • High-volume production and processing methods
Niran Perera, Engineering Manager - Applications, Toray Performance Materials Corporation
Laurie Calligaris | Director of Sales and Marketing, Toray Performance Materials Corporation
OEM applications
Sustainable growth opportunities of carbon fibre in the automotive sector
  • 2025/2030 material road map highlighting future technologies and the best suited applications
  • How can the supply chain facilitate carbon fibre application development in automotive applications
  • Case study examples

Roman Hillermeier | Transport Sector Lead, STRUCTeam Ltd
Carbon Fiber in the Wind Industry - From a niche product to a commodity
  • Short history of carbon fibers in the wind industry
  • Actual technologies for rotor blades
  • Market situation, outlook and challenges

Christian Vogl | Product Manager Wind Power, Fiberline Composites A/S
Stretch Broken Carbon Fiber for Primary Aircraft Structures
  • Stretch Broken Carbon Fiber (SBCF) has superior forming properties of conventional carbon fiber
  • Mechanical properties of conventional carbon fiber are retained through shear load transfer
  • SBCF has potential to greatly reduce manufacturing costs for composites
  • This enables conversion to composites across the aerospace industry
  • Montana State University developed a process to:
  • Generate SBCF
  • Evaluate its forming properties quantitatively and qualitatively
  • Form SBCF prepregs into complex shapes/structure
  • Preliminary results show shorter fiber length, greater formability compared with prior efforts

Alexey Dynkin | Research Associate, Montana State University

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