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Speaker Interview with Attilio Masini & Roberto Cicalò

60 seconds with the Head of Composites Manufacturing Engineering Division & the Project Manager, External Consultant for Automobili Lamborghini

You will deliver a presentation focusing on “The Automobili Lamborghini strategy for environmental sustainability: carbon fiber recycling “. Please could you please give us a quick overview of what you would be sharing with our audience?

Our presentation will show how Automobili Lamborghini has been working for more than 38 years on the composite field and for 10 years on different environmental sustainability projects focused on renewable energy, biodiversity, energy efficiency, waste reduction, sustainable production processes and how these projects involve also the Lamborghini’s “composite chain”. In particular we will show the main topics of the “Carbon fiber recycling project” related to scrap reduction, reuse&recycling and energy saving.

With “reuse&recycling” you mean that we will find recycle carbon fiber on Lamborghini cars in the future?

Why not, it is exactly what we are investigating. Of course, we are not talking about structural applications but other applications where the competitor materials are metals and composites reinforced with glass fiber, in both cases, the use of recycled carbon fiber introduces a more sustainable material into our products and can reduce weight and costs. For us, unlike most of our other competitors, the main point is to close the loop for a concrete circular sustainability.

How does the carbon fibre industry market look today?

The last year has been, for sure, a big challenge for all the industry fields. Due to the lock down and the drastic reduction of travels, the airline companies have been the hardest hit and we all know how the aeronautical is the highest demanding field for composites materials. Consequently, the composites industry has come to an abrupt halt on this front and therefore they focused on other fields. Indeed, in our super sport car sector we have found greater availability in term of support for the development and a faster supply chain. Although now this represents an advantage for us, we know that we need the aeronautic field as main driver for the composite industry and a new balance must be found.

Why do you think people should attend Go Carbon Fibre 2021?

Go Carbon Fibre is one of the most complete and interesting events linked to the composites world. This conference is the right time to share and stimulate new ideas, it is an opportunity for confrontation between composite actors and the best way to understand where the composite field is moving to.